How can my loved ones help me with my student loan debt?

This is easy! They can pay it off for you. Well, we can dream, can’t we? It’s easy for your family and friends to help lower your debt on birthdays or if they simply choose to do so because you’re amazing.

Here’s how:
First, they’ll need to sign up as contributors to your Spared account. To help them verify YOU are really YOU, make sure you have a profile picture associated with your account.

You’ll want to send them a request to contribute. Now, there are heart icons
on various pages throughout the app.

Do you see one? PRESS IT! This will pull up both your phone and Facebook contacts. Just select people from the list who you think would be willing to contribute. Include a personal message, remind them that you’ll be eternally grateful, and hope for the best.

Once they agree and have become a contributor, they will be matching your monthly contribution. Then, you’re all set. You and your contributors will make it hail all over your student loans and basically strap you to a rocket headed for debt-freedom.